As a junior in high school, I followed my local sports editor and a photographer as they documented the entire volleyball season for my high school team. After seeing the reactions from friends and family, I decided that this was something that I wanted to do.

That opportunity came in the summer of 2011.

On a warm August day, I sent a text to Mike Splittgerber asking him if he would be up for joining me on this adventure. Mike brings with him a solid background on soccer as well as the passion that I have also grown into.

And so we started. A majority of the site was built prior to the season starting, and word soon got out about what we were doing. The players were pumped to be a part of it, as it meant a lot of photos and post game interviews with them.

We’ve even received compliments from friends and family back home, as this site serves as a way for them to ‘follow’ their son or daughter throughout their season.

As for the long term, I hope that this is a project that continues on for many years. One day, I hope for it to transform into something like what JolietCatholicFootball.com has become.

The 2012 season brought with it another flurry of matches, articles, interviews and photos. While my job had changed (Asst. SID), I was still able to provide content for DuhawkFutbol. This opportunity created numerous close relationships that will be with me for the rest of my life. I am forever a part of the Loras Soccer Family and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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